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an impact on our region's economy. that is not news to maryland lieutenant governor anthony brown. right now, he is leading an effort to reduce disparitie in health care coverage and plans to use incentives to make that happen. that is where we start todayay. maryland lieutenant governor anthony brown, thank you for joining us. gov. o'malley give you the easy job to take on health care reform. not an eas job as president obama will tell you. we are going to get to some of the other things he managed to accomplish, but let's talk about whathe baltimore sun had in its friday edition. trying to reduce disparities. there are some concerning numbers when it comes to the lack of health compared to patients in maryland. >> we have equal outcomes in terms of health indicators among all of our population. it is a mora imperative and an economic imperative, we spend economic -- excess amount of money for african americans and they have -- and have a higher rate of admissions for heart disease and diabetes. if we begin to focus on these with a concerted effort, i think we are going to bend the cost cur
>>> now "good morning maryland." >>> a family in mourning as investigators continue to search for answers in the death of 20-year-old christopher cummings. >>> more calls for anthony weiner to step down from congress. the president is giving his two cents. we will tell you what he he said. >> reporter: we are busier than ever and cooking the healthy meals for your family is challenging. i am linda so. top health officials will be in baltimore to make it easier for your family to stay fit. >> details on that ahmed on -- ahead on this tuesday morning. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's get to the top story, the great news of the day, monday's weather was perfect. and justin, do we have a repeat in store? >> oh, sorry, i hope so. 78 is near perfolk for mid-june and we are looking at temperatures on target with that. the skies may look different. we got cloud yesterday holding temperatures down in the northern fringe turning overcast at times. 73 yesterday in york, p.a. and even 75 in easton and ocean city held that at 81. they are in the 60s. same story in easton
for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >>> live pictures from downtown baltimore. get ready for major traffic nightmare. what to avoid when heading to work. >>> at tombs it hurts because i know what the family is going through. >> new information after our 11 newscast from sunday on the pit bull attack. the condition of the victim is now worse than originally thought. >>> toll hike prices around maryland could be increasing significantly. today the push to fight the state proposal. we have details. it's 4:30 on a monday morning. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's get to the workweek forecast. justice has the week off so let's say good morning to lynette charles who will welcome us with the smile. >> good morning. i have good news. check out the headlines. it's going to be a marvelous monday. we will start out with patchy fog this morning and then the sunshine will move in as we get the northwesterly flow with high pressure building in. we will see warm temperatures in the mid-80s. and then we will warm up through the week and humidity returns alo
the long process of rebuilding. all that straight ahead on this monday morning. good morning, maryland, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringlech the weather was out-- pringle. the weather was outstanding this weekend. >> let's say good morning to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning. sometimes the benefit of that cloud cover and humidity down holds temperatures down a nice break for a lot of us to be outside. notice this morning that a fair a clouds and showers to the south seemingly eroding away. there a's -- there's a bubble on top of maryland. we watched the showers and storms. and now we have moisture seemingly having trouble but generating some showers in the eastern shore. there's just a thin layer of high clouds and the moon slipping through. 72 this morning in baltimore and easton. so we have ourselves a little hint of the heat and some mugginess back into the picture. yes, while we have showers to the south, a slight chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. we will aim for 86. let's get the first check on traffic with tonya. >> reporter: good morning. pretty quiet out
the darlington area and we have wet weather along 95 near the maryland house. yes we are getting wet weather. the heaviest stuff is towards cecil county but elkton and northeast, you are getting some wet weather. it pushed through essex and middle river. this band is diving off to the eastern shore. but there's more further to the west. i am watching this cluster here dive out of pa. this looks like it's enhancing and got a little bit of lift to it during the early morning hours along the frontal boundary. the front is back to the west. that's where the heat is off the screen. so we are on the cool stormy side and looks like yesterday more showers and storms to deal with this morning. 68 in town and plan for some on and off wet weather and clusters of storms coming through with boomers and downpours the next couple hours that could reach the baltimore beltway close to the 7 clon:00 hour -- 7:00 hour. >> reporter: not a bad drive time yet. even with the wet weather out there. we are doing okay. no major incidents on the highways. let's look at the beltway on the southwest side. 695 at wilkins
, maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on anything. all five sweeps on things look good and we will be quiet for the next several days. now let's check on the traffic withton yeah. good morning how are you doing and -- with tonya. good morning. how was your weekend. >> reporter: a relaxing weekend saturday. it's to work yesterday. we are doing okay on the baltimore beltway. 895 south of o'donnell doing well here as well. traffic building in both directions but no incidents to report. all lanes are open. traveling down to dc we have something to tell you about. 95 southbound before 198, the two left lanes are delayed all the way back up to 32 because of an accident. earlier accident in towson west joppa road at chestnut is in the clearing stages. megan. >> 6:30. thanks tonya. >>> the miracle on the hudson will be the marvel on the highway. catch a glimpse of a slow moving flight 1549 as it makes its way all the way to north carolina. linda so joins us this morning with what you need to know. linda. >> reporter: it's not every day you get to see a huge plane pass by you on the hi
at maryland route 150, at one of the entrances to the naval academy. two people were pronounced dead on the scene. it is still not clear what caused the crash. they're cleaning up in vancouver after a riot broke out following the canucks loss in game 7 of the stanley cup trials -- finals. the fire was set, and fights broke out and fans started to return the vehicles. more fires spread and more cars were overturned. one fans seemed to be embarrassed for the city. >> this is not the reputation we want. [inaudible] this is not with the people want. i am embarrassed. >> a similar riot erupted in vancouver in 1994 when the canucks lost game 7 of the sand -- stanley cup finals to the new york rangers. still to come, great news for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the latest hurdle she has cleared on her road to recovery and what happens next. plus, the defense presents its case in the casey anthony trial. but the big question remains, will she take the stand? we have a doctor from the animal hospital here to answer your pet questions. you c >> the defense and the casey anthony trial start
a test drive this fall. seven maryland's school districts will give it a try -- baltimore city, baltimore county, as well as charles, kent, prince george's, queen anne's and st. mary's counties. they will test it out before it becomes policy in 2013. >> we have made an initial attempt. it will be refined through the pilot systems and rolled out in the fall to the entire state. this is the initial effort in terms of teachers and principals. >> one congressman who honored dr. grasmick at her final school board meeting weighed in. >> maryland always seems to find a way to get out in front and set high standards. that will be the case with this year's evaluation system. >> and maryland students who have a lot at stake are anxious to see the results of the evaluations. trex i think that students will have it -- >> i think the students will have a more effective classroom. >> dr. nancy grasmick and her 20-year career as state school superintendent next week. >> a baltimore city police officer is in critical condition, injured in an accident on the j.f.x. officer rigby fell 20 feet off the j.f.x
is expected to come out next week. after revealing that staff at two schools cheated on the maryland school assessment tests, the school's ceo had a warning for anyone else. >> this is not to be tolerated. . there's no place to hide. >> reporter: the schools involved were where the state investigators noticed changed answers on the test. they found alternate attendance records also. >> to believe that people have to violate, in my opinion, the propriety of this and the ethics of it to demonstrate that the students can achieve, it's an insult, a terrible insult and injustice. >> reporter: starting next year, all schools in maryland will have their tests examined. the schools are taking the bold step of extending monitors for all of the schools. >> i'm tired of the on going debate about the nature of the progress when there's been so much progress over time. >> before this scandal, this particular school had been praised for a rise in the test scores. mary, back to you. >>> statewide, there are around 200 complaints of cheating on the maryland assessment tests every year. >>> good news for th
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" -- you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >> i am never see my baby. >> a family asking why. police asking the same question this morning after a deadly hit- and-run killed two teenagers. >>> saying good-bye. the hundreds of people paying final respects to the nephew of congressman elijah cummings who was shot and killed. >>> yes, yes. >> all right from cheers to downright bad behavior. jubilation in one city and riots in another. this after things get ugly following the bruins winning the stanley cup. those stories are just ahead on this thursday morning. thanks for joining us. it's 4:30. friday is upon us. i am megan pringle. charley crowson is off and we start things off with meteorologist justin berk. i have to say i thought of you yesterday, it was so gorgeous out. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. i was appreciating you. >> i am so honored i was included in that. >> i thought of you. >> near perfect weather for so long. it's a shame we can't hold onto it much longer. but today is the difference as we have a little shift of the weather patte
. where you can speak out. we will let you know when "good morning maryland" returns. we are first and only at 4:30. >>> 35:39 right now. condition -- 5:39 right now. one of the main attractions at a paris air show is a solar powered plane. it's the prototype aircraft that is powered by sunlight. it is a single seater and it can be grounded by either too much wind or too little sun. but it is able to fly during daytime or nighttime. >> we know solar impulse is flying and can go through the night without fuel. it's an incredible airplane but each time it flies, it's different situation and emotion, and today it was the result of months of preparation. >> all right. at the air show in paris, the aircraft flew for about 20 minutes. the 40 horsepower doesn't provide a lot of thrust. i mean it's single seater powered by sunlight but it has cruising altitude of 32,000 feet. >>> now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> the runway at 32,000 feet to get a lift off. we have lift off this morning. showers and storms to our south. lo
cities in maryland. that's a grim statistic. but this weekend a group of women will try to turn it around and they will do it by going door to door. sherrie johnson is live to explain. >> reporter: megan, being diagnosed with breast cancer can be beyond scary. and that's why sisters network baltimore is trying to educate other women this weekend. and it kicks off on saturday right here at browns memorial baptist church. sisters network baltimore is encouraging women to take control of their health and stop breast cancer. they are taking to the street in a gift to life walk. baltimore mayor and her mother dr. nina rawlings, a 20 year breast cancer survivor, will be on hand for this event in baltimore alone. more women die from breast cancer than in most other cities in maryland. in the u.s., more white women get breast cancer but more black women die from it. right now, i have lawanda stone aber nathy joining me live with one of the sponsor of the walk. tell me about why you decided to get involved. >> thanks for this opportunity, sherrie. it's a health care education company where we are
basically for everyonech the only people not in maryland is western maryland. but we are going to be dealing with asthma and if you have that you need to stay inside or limit your exposure to outside. if you have a lung or heart disease or elderly keep it indoors as long as possible. maryland's most power fop radar looks dry. things -- powerful radar looks dry. now back to you. >> thanks. it's about stifling outside so bad you may not want to leave your house. but children has to go to school the school day has been shortened. sherrie johnson continues team coverage outside a school in northeast baltimore. sherrie. >> reporter: yes, we are here at leaf walk elementary school. this is just one of several schools in baltimore city that does not have air conditioning. and on a day like today it could make it fop for teachers and students. they are on a half day because of the heat and keith joins me live here, chief operating officer for baltimore city public schools. thanks for talking to us this morning. can you tell us what goes into deciding into what goes into deciding when to close school
and a partly cloudy afternoon a high of 77. a chance of showers in northeastern maryland and we will talk about that in a bit. back to you. >> thanks. >>> 6:30. they are competing against each other but can agree on one thing many they want president obama to be a one-term president. seven republican hopefuls gathered for the first presidential debate. in the key early voting state of new hampshire. we have a report on the current president's record that was front and center in new hampshire last night. take a look. >> reporter: appearing seven republics facing each other but the fire at the one candidate who was not in the room. >> anyone of the people on the stage would be a better president than president obama. >> the failure of leadership on this administration's. >> his way failed. >> this president has failed. >> reporter: president obama making stops in miami and north carolina defended his record as a tale of historic progress. >> we stabilized the economy. we prevented a financial meltdown. an economy that was shrinking is now growing. >> reporter: michelle bachmann made the first hea
amount of clouds right there off the u.s. naval academy. now take a look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar. this looks so impressive at four in the morning. and watch it fall apart halfway, yeah, halfway between western maryland and baltimore. and hagerstown look at this fall apart. i said we would be hard-pressed to get this pushing past. but it doesn't lock like it will reach baltimore. we get a little breeze out of this thing. looks like montgomery county has showers left over there. but we have a look maybe tawnytown westminster to get what is left over the showers as we head through the next hour, hour and a half and go to 87 more storms expected for the rest of us this afternoon. tonya, how about the traffic. >> reporter: we are doing okay. sun is starting to come up over the beltway. we have one incident but first let's take a look at 695 at providence to see how things are doing. that's the outer loop to the left of the screen. with a little heavier traffic, but no major problems to report here. we have an accident at the eastbound involving a tractor trailer. traffic
and inexpensive. this is "good morning maryland "first and only at 4:30 in the morning. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> thanks for joining us. well, there are some more photo changes coming to facebook in the form of an app for those with iphones. according to tech crunch it is separate from the iphone application. tech crunch says it will post more pictures of the app today. facebook officials say the site sees about 6 billion photos upload every month. analyst say facebook's potential app could threaten other photo sharing apps out on the market. >>> therapy for children with special needs is often slow and pretty expensive. but what if this was game on an ipad. houston parents are using apps they say helped their children progress faster. some doctors and therapists are reviewing all of the apps to help parents know which one works for them best. . >>i want to work on fine motor and it gives you a list and says my child is visually impaired and it has sound. >> some mothers say the children helped with the fine motor skills and cognitive skills as well and has greatly improved and it'
maryland" at 4:30. >>> it will be another hot day in maryland today. but it was a big thunderstorm and lightning we saw last night causing a lot of problems while you were asleep. the latest on the damage and whether or not it's going lower the temperatures. >>> he was accused of shooting and killing an unarmed iraqi veteran. this morning officer gahiji tshamba face up to 30 years in jail. >> flames as high as 30 feet in air. the fire in arizona getting bigger. the fight to get it under control. those stories are just ahead. it's friday finally. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. weather was the story last night for the storms that blew through. it woke me up and i know it woke you up. >> let's see if it did anything. at least the rain will lower the temperatures. >> let's say good morning to lynette charles. >> we are dealing with another hot day. and we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast as well. so, let's show outheadlines because we will be hot but we won'ting as hot. high temperatures in the mid- 90s. humidity will cont
to participate in easy test. >> if they do not back down, we will file suit against the state of maryland for what they are doing. >> many residents and business owners question why a toll was necessary when the bridge is already paid for. slot revenues in maryland dropped slightly, but continues to bring in big money. the hollywood casino in perryville brought in more than $9,600,000. the casino and ocean downs generated more than $3 million. so far, the casinos have brought in more than $90 million texas dollars. >> we are starting to see some thunderstorms popup. you can see a line of thunderstorms that are moving to the southeast. we will put a 40% chance in for a thunderstorm or a shower. most of you will have a dry day, but in the northern and western suburbs a chance as possible. the high temperatures will be in the upper-80's. in a few minutes, we will look at the seven-day forecast. >> defense attorneys for the baltimore police officer accused of murder began their case, which included witness that describe the scene when gahiji tshamba allegedly fired 13 shots, hitting tyrone br
emision de noticias de las 11 de la noche.. casa de maryland hizo publica una carta que recibio de parte de los propietarios de varios complejos de viviendas, quienes enfrentan el descontento de sus inquilinos por el mal estado de los como u represalia a la icipacion de casa de maryland en actividades de organizacion. alfredo miranda nos tiene este estas familias tienen problemas en sus viviendas y hace pocos dias, organizadas por casa de maryland, presentaron quejas al condado de prince george's. si la compagina en treinta días no ha resuelto, entonces los inquilinos tienen todo el derecho de dejar de pagar la renta.en represalia, abogados de la companhia propietaria de los apartamentos hicieron llegar hoy una carta a casa de maryland acusandola de causar desorden y la conmina a mantenerse al margen de los la presión que estamos ejerciendo nosotros es lo que hace quenosotros estamos luchando por algo digno, por que se nos trate como personas, como seres humanos, esa es la lucha que nos estamos llevando, nosotros vamos a seguir siempre organizados, la gente
by the university of maryland, baltimore county found one in 30 marylanders suffers from ai] gambling problem. that's about 3% of the population. the study wasçóçó mandated by a0 -- 2007 law. the study found those most susceptible arec single menÑixd between 18 and 29 and found 09% of marylanders have gambled at least once in their lives. >> all right. looking at our first dray of summer. i think we ended up pretty good. lots of hazy sunshine. we have one cluster of storms to the west. if you're trekking west towards deep creek, realize you may get into this as soon as you get in the hagerstown region. after a sultry night, we're back upñr into the upper 80s. chance for scattered thunder showers. they could be in for the u2 concert. we'll talk about that coming up. >>> inxd tonight's consumer ale, do you really know what's on your phone bill? what you don't know couldq cost ñ yearc it's called cramming. the federal communications commission is looking at new rules to stop you from getting fraudulent bills. roosevelt leftwich joins us witi more. >> when was the last time you you could be gett
>>> now "good morning maryland" at nine. >>> charley is excite about the go gos. >> a wealth of useless knowledge because we were watching the go gos and they did the summer concert series about 20 minutes ago and i said the drummer and she had open heart surgery and had to leave the band and there was this quiet pause in the newsroom everyone look at me and i don't know why i know this stuff. >> it's okay to be a fan. >> i asked the google machine and it confirmed the story. >> friday. clearly some of us are excited about it. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson we have a full show as it is spring and summer, temperatures getting more back to seasonal conditions. getting out and grilling. there's something about raw meat on the open flame. coming up today, we have got achef coming in giving us great grilling tips on getting chicken and vegetables. >> goodwe love to eat on the show. >> we do. >> we will look forward to that. >>> and one thing we want to discuss. nothing is more important than education in the state of maryland. and after so many y
gingrich is going to be in town. the former house speaker will attend a maryland republican party fund-raiser held at the bwi marriott. we are told tickets range from $200 but a gold sponsors cost about 10 grand. >>> bullying remains a serious problem among young people nationwide. one organization is now fighting back. a special camp is underway targeting young girls and dangers that come from bullying. this morning, abc2 sherrie johnson is there with the details. sherrie. >> reporter: well, the girl scants of central maryland are -- scouts of central maryland has a special camp going on. more than 150 girls are bused in from baltimore city schools to participate. it's called pave project abet violence education camp. -- antiviolence education camp. they will learn about the impact of bullying. i have maria johnson joining me live right now with the girl scouts. thanks for being here. we appreciate it. first of all, tell me a little bit about what the camp offers for the girls. >> this is such an exciting camp because we teach the girls healthy choices so they learn how to positive se
. maryland's most powerful radar is dry and looks like it will stay that way throughout the day. all right. let's go over to megan. >> thanks so much. >>> before we get to news, we will take a look at traffic right now. again, it's almost 5:30 in the morning. still early to be out on the road. you are looking live at 695 at wilkins avenue. looking pretty good right now. there are some construction projects around the community. the one we have been telling you about for a while east conway closed between light and charles. that construction is going to be going on until june 17th. there are alternative routes. and severe impact is expected because of construction in baltimore on east madison street. that's closed between north wolf street and rutlin avenue. right now, if you are heading on the highways, things look pretty good. your kids will do anything to get out of school and they are getting their wish today early and it's because of the heat that is setting in. we have team coverage for you this morning and we begin with abc2 news sherrie johnson live in northeast baltimore war school
>>> now "good morning maryland." >>> a baltimore camp is tackling bullying what they will say to the area's young girls. >>> he's predator in every sen of the word and took -- sense of the word and took advantage of the community he is from. >> a mob boss finally brought to justice and very popular items now being recalled this morning. we have got the list for you coming up on this thursday, june 23rd good morning. i am charley crowson. megan is off today. still recovering from the u2 concert. if you want last night, and getting a late start on a thursday, thanks for joining. hope you had a great time last night. let's get to a check of your morning weather on this thursday with meteorologist justin berk. >> and look what i found. we missed it by 12 hours. it's good thing. look at. this 6:30 maryland's most powerful doppler radar. shower downtown south side of the beltway. it looks like it is a little heavier once you get south of the inner harbor and once you head south maybe from federal hill off towards brooklyn park. looks like a little cluster, a little heavy burst of ra
>>> now "good morning maryland." >>> how could anyone kill a 4- year-old girl? that's what police are trying to determine this morning after that child and her mother were found dead in towson. >>> before reaching into themedicine cabinet, we have a recall to tell you about. >>> and how are your stew enters doing in we will learn how the state of maryland stacks up when it comes to the world of education. that and much more on this wednesday morning. it's june 29th. good morning, maryland, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. let's get to the weather because i believe the heat wave is in our future. right, justin? >> let's get the party started a and yes, it's a heat wave building in a couple days. bite way, how about the rainstorm last night in -- by the way, how about the rainstorm in and of a late last night. watching the cloud break up. that's the only breakup we want to talk about right? >> right. >> we have got a look at manchester with the cloud push off to the east and a bright sun view out there which means sun glare and as we check out the
and there could be stormy weather. wait until you see the radar right now. maryland's most powerful doppler radar highlighting the rain. we got some in bel air. road wet but eastern section of harford county aberdeen heavier rain port deposit and havre de grace. darlington got it. let's pull this back and show you what it looks like. cecil county getting it within a 5 to 10 mile stretch north and south of the maryland house. it's really heavy rain coming down. we have been talking about rising sun continuing to get that. and that's passing towards elkton towards turkey point after getting wet north intersection of kent county will be getting it as well. further back towards the west, the next cluster just about to reach hagerstown. we have had lightning with this. see if it can survive the trip out of mountains. but timing this out puts it frederick and carroll county just about an hour away and that could reach somewhere between the baltimore beltway and 95. close to the 7:00 hour. we will watch this cluster to see if that could impact us during the morning ride. overall, we are expecting the mo
that works for you "good morning maryland"at 4:30. >> we take comfort in knowing the tide of war is receding. fewer of our sons and daughters are serving in harm's way. >> a deadline for troop withdrawal in afghanistan. the president addressed the nation and you spoke out online overnight. >>> new information this morning about a marine reservist who caused a scare outside the pentagon. a beautiful day and night at m and t bank stadium. the impact of u2 as they made their way into baltimore and kept the crowd entertained overnight. >>> new video this morning right into the abc2 newsroom. massive tornado hit louisville ken tucky. it appears it hit near churchill downs home of the kentucky derby. barns were damaged and horses were running. no reports of injuries or the animals everyone appears to be doing fine. but again, damage to an american landmark. good morning. i am charley crowe son. megan is off this morning. let's -- crowson. megan is off this morning. let's kick it off with the weather with meteorologist justin berk. >> we have the severe storm risk once again. yesterday we got lucky
, southern maryland, around the bay, eastern shore, where it's still a little bit humid. the low humidity is coming your way too. off to our west, it's cool this morning. campers out in western maryland and west virginia. in the mountains they're waking up to a chill this morning. only mid-50s there. over the last 12 hours, the last of those storms way gone now over the western atlantic and dissipating. we have the sky continuing to clear west to east. another view of the sunrise from upper northwest washington. that sun about to get above that cloud deck shortly, and temperatures will be climbing near 80. by noontime low 80s and a fresh northwest breeze this afternoon gusting to around 20 miles an hour as temperatures climb into the mid and upper 80s with low humidity, bright sun, and a blue sky. a terrific summer day coming up today. you'll need sun block and your sunglasses, and you'll need them too for the morning commute. we'll have your night planner coming up. how is the commute this morning, danella? >> i still have a delay on the marc train, brunswick east line, p874. right now y
: in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: in a statement late last night, maryland senator ben cardin says he believes president obama's time line for troop withdrawal should be more aggressive. >> reporter: don't panic if you see large planes flying unusually low over maryland roadways next week. it is all part of a plan by nasa to study air pollution. wjz is live along 695. derek valcourt is live to explain these low-lying planes. >> reporter: they are going to hit most of maryland's major roadways from the baltimore beltway to the 95 corridor, even over to the chesapeake bridge. >> reporter: this is no ordinary plane. it's a specially-fitted nasa aircraft, to measure equipment pollution levels in flight. and starting next week, the skies over maryland will become a pollution detection playground, for the plane and nasa scientists. >> the public, i think, is very interested in knowing where air pollution problems are the largest. then they have the ability to make their own decisions about, you know, their own activities and times and places they would like to avo
happen. >> reporter: that's why maryland recently passed the move-over law, requiring drivers pass emergency vehicles to move over one lane and slow down or face fines and points. >> police are not sure right now what if any charges will be filed against the driver who caused the crash. investigators looking into the possibility that that driver may have been driving distracted. they're also looking into whether the rain that day may have played a role in the crash. we're live at shock trauma, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> derek, thank you. >>> police say it appears alcohol say was not a factor in this crash. >>> the excitement is building as we count down the minutes until legendary band u-2 rocks m&t bank stadium. fans are already inside getting closer to that stage. the opening acts will hit the stage in less than an hour. the largest crowd ever to see a concert in baltimore is expected. wjz is live with complete coverage. but we begin with jessica kartalija, downtown, with all of the excitement. jessica? >> reporter: so mary that, shot that you're talking about basica
for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >>> i was crying because i couldn't believe it. >> new reacts and new information be -- reaction and new information after police found a 12-year-old girl dead inside a home. >>> a massive internet gambling ring busted in maryland. >>> h-o-u-s. >> you say it? one girl she can she can spell it too and she has 40,000 dollars in cash and prizes this morning. >>> first this morning on that deadly tornado that slammed into western massachusetts on wednesday. crews tore down buildings after a tornado caused all sorts of damage that killed three people. police and the national guard and troops are going door to door searching for survivors. the tornado injured about 200 people. those stories ahead. of course, justin will have more but first a traffic alert. >> one-car accident on the i- 695 inner loop at exit 27b. we have received confirmation that it's one car involved, however, no traffic is being backed up right now on this one- car accident and police are not confirming any deaths. this exit 27b is right there at the dulaney valley north exit. so y
be the biggest damages ever after warded in maryland. we are live at the courthouse. mike is there and explains the jury found that exxon knowingly committed fraud after the gas station leaked 26,000 gallons of gas. >> reporter: six members of the jury listened to the case for six months. they came to the conclusion -- right now they're upstairs deciding. six months since the start of the trial, exxon apologized for leating 26,000 gallons -- for letting 26,000 gallons of gasoline leak from this gas station. 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 million dollars was given per family. >> what's important is that the jury found exxon committed fraud. proving fraud in maryland is very difficult. >> the last article i said, said that maryland and wisconsin were the two most difficult of the 43 or whatever. it's tough in maryland. >> reporter: the finding of fraud by the jury is important. now the company can be punished in the form of money, possibly a billion dollars. this is possibly the largest settlement of its kind in maryland. >> punitive damages is giving you something you don't deserve. we already covered you wi
foundation of maryland. it's tomorrow and saturday. they have a beg event on canton crossing. then people will be going over the edge rappeling down. dr. matthew cooper is not only a noted transplant surgeon but also rappeled before. >> that's right. >> reporter: what's this event like? >> it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. people wonder what it's like to be on the outside of a building. this is their opportunity. it's abnormal and unnatural but a remarkable experience. it's an opportunity for sure. >> reporter: and a great fund-raiser. they strap you in. is that the deal. >> you got this harness. i can't say it's risk free but you're harnessed so well. there's no way anything will happen. it's a lot of fun, a bucket list item, really, really cool. >> reporter: i want to introduce this gentleman. this is mark salvo from salvo auto parts. mark is a kidney transplant recipient twice. >> i got my first transplant from my mother and my second transplant from my brother. >> reporter: you rappeled. >> yes. definitely a bucket list item. we have a lot of fun and a lot of good times after. >>
the station that works for you "good morning maryland" at 4:30. >>> a 78-year-old woman remains in the hospital following a brutal attack by a pit bull. we have an update on her condition and what will happen to the dog this attacked her. >>> many now voicing their opinion on the proposed toll rate hike. why some are calling it unfair. >>> and he claimed the twitter account was hacked and now he says it wasn't. stunning admission by anthony weiner about the lewd photos sent to women from his account. more on that story. it's 4:30 in the morning. tuesday morning, thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. >> let's kick off tuesday with a check of the forecast and say good morning to lynette charles. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. it's going we do have a code orange in effect for sensitive groups. so it's unhealthy. you want to limit your exposure to outdoor activities for today. we will see temperatures at or near 90. it's going to get very hot and humid by tomorrow. and we will see storms possible by the end of the week. right now, we have the a
. >> this missions occurred about $85 million of direct investment into maryland. we were able to set the wheels in motion to continue strengthening our business relationships. we concluded agreements with nine companies. >> he says that maryland is the gateway to doing business in the u.s. he also wants to go to india and africa. >> a former employee the of president obama will soon announce he wants his boss's job. the former ambassador to china, and jon huntsman says he intends to make it official next week. this comes just hours after michele bachmann jumped into the race during last night's debate. but perry it -- rick perry is expected to announce very soon. they are not afraid of mitt romney proved you can see the people who are and you could challenge the president in 2012. our slide show is on you can watch last night's debate in its entirety this thursday at 8:00. >> there are some grumblings around capitol hill about anthony weiner may resign in a couple of days. >> there are more calls for the congressmen to step down. this time from house speaker john boehner and some of
>>> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. now, it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> from controversial to criminal. major developments in the investigation surrounding election day calls. >>> and the indictment against the former advisers. >>> hello, everyone. people are talking about tonight. >> the calls were made during last fall's election. two political operatives are now facing criminal charges. we have reaction from the former governor. >> i'm on the -- >> political consultant now criminally charged for election day robo calls. the polls were still open. >> i'm calling to let everyone know that governor a mallee and president obama have been successful. the only thing left is to watch on tv tonight. >> in an interview, he said his company universal elections authorized the calls in order to energize supporters. he insisted that the former governor had no knowledge of the calls. the calls were not intended to suppress votes. if law on voter suppression is clear. okay. it's in the statutes, and if you look at the statutes and the calls, there
down. people opposed to toll hikes in maryland will get a chance tonight to voice their opinion. the first of nine public meetings will take place at shady grove middle school. tolls would increase including at the bay bridge, where the price would jump to $8 by 2013. this weekend of the hons will take over hamdan, but there was confusion surrounding this year 's honfest. organizers met with community members to clear up the matter, saying that outside vendors cannot sell items that infringed upon the hon trademark. >> product exclusivity is not unusual in a festival situation to do that. >> next year, organizers say de plan to organize the community committee as a way to improve relations. another to a photograph of anthony weiner -- lewd photograph of anthony weiner is circulating the web, up one that a blocker promised to keep secret. and he is about to be a father. humathony weiner's wife, abedin, traveling with secretary clinton here, is pregnant. >> lying to the public, i think your credibility is shot, and anthony would be better off moving to something else. >> ultimatel
its way to maryland. right now it is dry and hot. temperatures already up to 96 downtown. >> another toyota recall. the japanese auto maker is recalling 106,001st generation prius hybrid cars. a nut may come listen cost faulty steering. the model years 1997 through 2003. we have posted information on our website, a new leader could emerge in car sales when numbers are released today. hyundai is expected to move to the top when it comes to total auto sales. the korean automaker has seen a surge in customers. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tony pann. >> heat advisory in effect all the way through the evening. the heat index already approaching 100. the actual temperatures are in the upper 80s and 90s. 92 at the airport, 89 and 8 sykesville, 90 degrees in cockeysville. we will add another five or six degrees. when you combine this with the actual temperature, this is what the heat index is at the present time. 105 in edgewood. the closer you get to the water, the more moisture there is. everybody should at least reach 100 degrees this afternoon as far as th
,000 maryland students are receiving special education services, and a growing number of them are receiving special assessments. >> we are proud of our student achievements this year. and mathate's reading results show steady progress among maryland special education students. >> state school officials say local districts deserve a lot of special credit. >> i think there are some school systems that are working very hard, especially in the education area >> and hard work is paying off. it turns out that a growing number of school systems have developed a lesson plans with special ed students in mind. countless others have added a shift of staff to make sure the students complete the nsa. >> there is a lot of success with student co-teaching with a lot of work to make that instruction relevant to them. >> a special day for more than 1200 young men and women as they embark on a new journey today. they are now plebes at the u.s. naval academy. they will take the oath of office at a ceremony that began a little while ago. over 19,000 people have applied to be members of the class of 2015. >> a
. >> straight ahead try to be tied to the family of a maryland lawmaker. congressman elijah cummings speaks out after his nephew a shot and killed. good morning, washington. it's monday, june 13. i am scott thuman. >> i am greta kreuz. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. first, a meteorologist adam caskey. what a difference a week and makes. -- a weekend makes. >> we will be in the upper 70's the next couple days for the high temperature. it is 70 degrees downtown currently. you are feeling the difference already in terms of humidity. 61 in martinsburg, 59 in hagerstown 64 at dulles airport. near 80 degrees today for the high temperature with low humidity. the humidity will continue to drop through the morning and afternoon with a north wind at 10-15. tomorrow a little added cloud cover. we could have a brief shower late in the day tomorrow. not a big deal. clearing up by wednesday. >>> overnight construction is clearing up. 95 northbound at the occoquan, traffic stay to the left. on the beltway in maryland they were doing some projects overnight at new hampshire ave. tactic is
on the tires because another massive snowstorm has blown through. good morning maryland i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning, the 7th of june. before we get to the news, let's go over to lynette charles filling in for justin berk. don't you see the video and say thank goodness i live in maryland. >> i was thinking about that. that's miserable. but i don't like it when the seasons don't live up to the name. for instance we are about to get hot. no we need to be spring like. and we need to have the bird chirping and love what's going on. but that's not the case for today once again. let's show you the headlines. we have a code orange out there. so it's going to be unhealthy for sensitive groups and we are going to get much warmer today. temperatures will be at or near 90. and then we get hotter and more humid going into tomorrow and we have showers and thunderstorms possible by the end of the week. so here's the air quality alert i am talking about. here's code orange and it's basically for all the areas here shaded in orange. but we are lo
neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> manslaughter charges. a washington police officer blamed for a baby girl's death. >> reporter: the emotional outburst from the victim's family in court today. >>> hello, everybody, i'm denise koch. >>> a mother and her baby disappear the night before a baa paternity hearing. the man she believes to be the baby's father is believed to have killed them both. >> when the officer was first arrested on friday it was unclear if he would be linked to the baby's death but tonight we have learned that he is charged with manslaughter regarding the one-year-old. >> a dc police officer charged with the murder of a 20-year- old mother now faces a manslaughter charge for killing a one-year-old girl who may be his own daughter. were discovered in a park thursday night. they were last seen here in baltimore county. prosecutors say 39-year-old richmond left her in the park and left the baby buckled in her car seat sweltering in the heat. >> they got him. i hope he gets the death penalty. i want him to get the death penalt
>>> you're watching the station that works for you, "good morning maryland." >> they probably don't have nothing to come back to. if they don't get a hold of this thing. >> arizona fire continues burning out of control. no relief in sight either. that inferno more than 600 square niles the latest on power outages in our area. >>> -- inferno more than 600,000 square miles. >>> the late on the power outages in our area. >>> let's check in with lynette charles to see how the weather is going to be and a bit later a. live report on what bge is doing to get the power back on. >> the weather today will be similar to yesterday. i say similar because it's not going to be as hot but it's going to be hot and we have the chance for the thunderstorms to roll on in here as we go into the afternoon. we are going to deal with the humidity once again for today. and we still have that code orange in effect. so maryland's most powerful radar as of now looks good. we are getting a break so if we can get out there and do the cleanup in the morning in the early afternoon, i think that will be okay. bu
tomorrow, a big day in a big event for breast cancer survivors here in maryland. they will be gathering in baltimore raising awareness for a growing problem right here in our say they -- city. this morning, sherrie johnson is live with the details. sherrie. >> reporter: charley, breast cancer survivors are hitting the street on saturday to spread the message. it all kicks off right here at browns memorial baptist church in the park heights area. now sisters network baltimore will team with up stephanie rawlings-blake and her mother for the annual gift for life block wall. the goal is to raise breast health awareness in park heights. more african american women in baltimore die from breast cancer than in most cities in maryland. breast cancer survivors and volunteers will go door to door to pass out information on breast health. people in the community will be invited to browns memorial baptist church to hear from the mayor about her family experience with breast cancer. right now, i have two people joining me here. first we have lavonia harper with sisters network baltimore. tell me abo
>>> you now "good morning maryland." >>> i can't live with her dying because she wouldn't be in my life anymore. >>> new details in the death of a 12-year-old montgomery county girl. >>> it's a bizarre way to get high but kids are using them. bath sawssments one person died and details are just ahead. >> reporter: statistics show more and more black women are dying of breast cancer. i am sherrie johnson. coming up, find out what one organization is doing to stop it. >> it's friday morning. happy friday. hope you've fun weekend planned. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's check the weekend forecast with meteorologist justin berk. >> good looking stuff this morning. and i posted online i am jealous for you that get to go out for a jog. it's gorgeous. if you are just waking up, tostep outside, you will be greeted with a treat. it's clear and calm and it's cooled down in baltimore. check out manchester. carroll county showing its love and spirit this morning. and let's check it out. look at the numbers. westminster is down to 49. that's real. no we
toll is one of seven in maryland that are about to get a lot more expensive if this plan goes through. another toll in havre de grace had protesters come out in hundreds. >> to cities are fighting one big toll hike. >> would go to church on the other side of the bridge. we take our kids to sporting events on the other side of the bridge. >> the bridge is one part of the maryland transport predict recitation authorities plan to double and triple told fees across the state. the plan is to discount -- some paid $10 the year for unlimited trips across the bridge. that they would now be $100 a year. >> i cannot afford to have it going up so high. i am a single mom raising two children. it is not really worth it for me to work over there. >> we understand it is never a good time to raise tolls. >> the maryland transportation secretary said the toll hikes will pay for road maintenance and to pay down debt on big road projects. >> this comes from decisions that were made from back in 2004 when two major state investment decisions were made. >> it includes the entire county connector being bui
of the evening, the baltimore area, most in maryland will be hot and humid conditions as we remain in the 90s. t storms a possibility north and west later in the evening but just checking in again out here. 94 still. an awfully hot night out hear. we'll talk about when the heat wave begins to break coming up. >> >> tonight a woman is facing animal cruelty charges for leaving her dog inside a hot car as she visited a tanning salon. ney responded to a 9-1-1 call and found a white poodle in a honda civic with the doors closed up. 126 degrees. she is charged with animal cruelty. the dog is going to be okay. >> make plans for the kids now. the heat has schools closing early tomorrow and they thought down early today and yesterday, as well. they have air-conditioning in parts of the bidding but only half have a c in the classrooms and that has some parents a little concerned. >> i think when the temperature is over 100 as it will be today and the humidity is up, it becomes dangerous. there is not much ventilation when the windows don't open and they have asthma and allergies. it is not conducive in ge
the northern sections of maryland. you will see the storm reports in wind damage and one hail report up by the bay with one inch hail pushing off into the northern chesapeake. but this morning, around the sen trait chesapeake a kwai -- central chesapeake a. quieter stage. 64 degrees, winds gusty out there. you see occasional clouds mixing in with sunshine. by the bay, cooler. and towson at 59. and -- towson at 59. cool and pleasant and back into the 60s. the sun is up and heading through the day, a mix of of d.- - mixture of sun and clouds. here tonya. >> reporter: we remain accident free in baltimore city and baltimore county. doing fine 8 # 3 -- 38 southbound. jfx -- 83 southbound. jfx is relatively light. the southbound traffic is heavier. northbound on the left. pothole repairs going on in anne arundel county. the westbound ramp to 295 southbound is blocked due to the emergency pothole repairs. megan. >> thanks. >>> a minute after 6. elijah cummings says his family is in shock and devastated this morning after his nephew was shot and killed. it happened near old dominion university.
, maryland's most powerful doppler radar working through southern maryland. look at the tremendous lighting activity. most of it is off the coast. that's 487 strikes as seen in the last 20 minutes. most of it is south of that island. band of rain about to hit ocean city and the delaware beaches and mostly towards the south. it's been an active morning in lexington park and charles, st. mary's county getting hit. and rain towards cambridge and easton a few sprinkles around the region this morning. but most of us are working a dry start to the day. a little more sticky. 66 bel air and westminster. 72 in annapolis. and we will have a better chance of showers to the south. we build in more clouds today. we build in a chance of an isolated thundershower 86 this afternoon. you will notice the humidity and you will notice the better chance of storms and we are starting to need rain by tomorrow. we need light traffic and i think we have got some of that. how about it. >> reporter: we do. very light traffic. traffic is slow and -- flowing freely 95 on northeast and southwest side. and around the bel
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